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The Ultimate Canada Camping Guide

Canada may well be one of the best places for camping in the world!  Sure, a bold statement, but think about how much accessible land Canada is blessed with.  Canada has a ton of national and provincial parks, as well as municpal parks and recreation sites, all ready for your enjoyment. 

You can go camping in Canada for at least six months of each year in perfect comfort and weather, and if you are willing to push the limits a bit you could camp year round.  

Canada is the perfect place for all types of camping, ranging from comofrtable RV roadtrips to more intense backcountry treks and expeditions.  With an abundance of campgrounds there are many amazing places to camp in Canada.  

Use our Canada camping guide to find your next camping destination and plan your Canadian camping trip!  

Best Places To Go Camping In Canada

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Our Favourite Campgrounds In Canada

Kumsheen Rafting Resort

Kumsheen Rafting Resort

Raft, Relax, Recharge with Kumsheen Rafting Resort. Located 3 hours from Vancouver, this is the perfect oasis to go camping, rafting and have a ton of fun with expert guides!

All About Camping In Canada

When is the best time to go camping in Canada?

Canada has many seasons and climates but it is without question, most pleasant to go camping in the warmer and drier summer months. 

Typically camping is fun between early May to mid October across Canada. 

Some areas, like Vancouver Island and the West Coast of BC have a milder climate and camping in pleasant for a longer period, ranging from the beginning of April to the end of October.  

Watch for areas like the Yukon and mountainous areas like the Rockies getting surprise snowfalls in early September too! 

What Gear Do I Need To Go Camping In Canada?

A lot depends on the type of camping trip you are planning, but if you would like to camp in style, there are a basic list of necessities to bring along for your trip.

These are the most recommended thigns to bring camping with you:

  • Tent
  • Sleeping pad
  • Sleeping bag
  • Tarp or kitchen shelter
  • Portable cooking appliances (barbeques, stove, plus kitchen ware)
  • Flaslight
  • Knife
  • Some rope (for clotheslines etc)
  • Cooler and food boxes

Of course, you will also need to reserve a campsite and if you are navigating in the wilderness you should consider navigational equipment.

Is Camping In Canada Family Friendly?

Absolutely it is!  Camping in Canada can be as relaxing or as hardcore as you wish.  You may want to rock up to an RV park in a swanky rig, or pitch a tent on top of an exposed mountain peak.  You pick your adventure! 

Car camping and paddling are both really great ways to get the kids involved, since there isn’t as much strain to make it distances and carry a heavy load. 

How To Reserve Campsites In Canada?

In Canada most campgrounds require a reservation for the date that you would like to camp on.  There are different parks bodies and private campgrounds and how to reserve a campsite in Canada varies by each type of campground.

How To Reserve A Campsite With Parks Canada: 

Once you have your dates and campgrounds all worked out visit:

Here you can sign up and reserve a campsite online.  This site also has information about the reservation launch dates for each Parks Canada campground in Canada. 


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