Sea Kayaking In Canada

Sea Kayaking In Canada: A Paddler’s Guide

Sea kayaking in Canada is one of the best ways to escape into the natural wonders that we are so lucky to have in Canada.  With three ocean coasts and the Great Lakes, Canada is probably the best place on Earth for sea kayaking.  There are so many places to go paddling in Canada, the hardest part can be picking one.

Paddling on the East Coast of Canada is a bit more underrated and lesser known, and sea kayaking on the Great Lakes in Ontario is also surprisingly undiscovered.  The West Coast is more popular and better known among the paddling community in Canada, likely a result of all the wildlife the coast is famous for.

You can do a sea kayaking day trip in Canada, or you can plan a more remote multiday sea kayaking expedition in Canada as well.  Depends on how much time you have and how comfortable you are in a remote wilderness setting.

In our Paddler’s Guide to sea kayaking in Canada, we help you find the best places to plan your next paddling trip, as well as connect you with some of the best paddling and outfitting companies from coast to coast.

Check out our Canada sea kayaking guide and tune in for deals on tours rentals and courses.  Happy paddling!

Best Areas For Sea Kayking In Canada

Canada’s Best Sea Kayak & Paddling Companies

Kumsheen Rafting Resort

Kumsheen Rafting Resort

Raft, Relax, Recharge with Kumsheen Rafting Resort. Located 3 hours from Vancouver, this is the perfect oasis to go camping, rafting and have a ton of fun with expert guides!

Explore Canada Sea Kayaking By Region

Sea Kayaking in British Columbia, Canada.

British Columbia

British Columbia is the holy land for sea kayaking in Canada.  Several coastal regional offer a variety of island chains, wildlife, climates and expansive wilderness to explore.

Bruce Peninsula National Park is a park in Ontario.


Ontario is not to be under estimated as place to go sea kayaking in Canada.  The Great Lakes offer a lifetime’s worth of paddling and exploration, with some of the best camping in the world!

Camping in Bay of Fundy, Canada.

Nova Scotia

Nova Scotia is one of the best places to go sea kayaking in Canada for good reason!  Much underrated and offering several amazing paddling areas, Nova Scotia is sure to surprise you with it’s endless coastline, friendly people and ease of access. 

Information About Paddling and Sea Kayaking In Canada

When is the best time of year to go sea kayaking in Canada?

Canada is a land of many climates and many seasonalities within that!  You can sea kayaking all year in Canada, especially on the West Coast, where the Pacific moderates the winter temperatures and weather. 

We would recommend sea kayaking anytime between late May and the end of September to catch the best conditions.

Of course the crowds are also out when the summer is at it’s peak, so there is some incentive to paddling in the shoulder seasons as well.   Whenever you go sea kayaking in Canada, we are sure you will have a good time! 

What should I bring on a paddling trip in Canada?

Along with the regular sea kayaking expedition gear, you should have a warm layer, a rain layer, camp shoes, sun protection and sun glasses.  If you are camping you will definitely need a tent, sleeping bag and sleeping pad, plus some camp kitchen gear and perhaps a tarp for shelter.

Here is what you need for the paddling:

  • A kayak and paddle
  • Lifejacket
  • VHF radio, map & compass (GPS is nice too)
  • Pump, sponge, paddle float
  • Standard safety gear (floating line, whistle, light)
  • Permits if you are camping in the parks

If you are planning on doing a sea kayaking tour in Canada, the company you book with will have a complete packing list too.

Is Sea Kayaking In Canada Family Friendly?

Yes and no.  You should be aware of all the hazards involved with paddling in cold, tidal waters and know the skills needed to keep yourself and your family safe.

If you don’t know much about sea kayaking, hiring a paddling guide in Canada is highly recommended.

If you stay within the safety recommendations of knowing what you are doing or hiring someone who does, then Canada sea kayaking can be a very family friendly activity.

Is Sea Kayaking In Canada Safe?

It can be!  Sea kayaking generally involves exposure to cold water, tides and unpredictable weather.  If you take some time to plan your trip and you know what you are doing then sea kayaking in Canada is very safe.

Hiring a guiding company to help you plan and outfit your trip, as well as guide you on the water ensures that you do everything right, from staying out of dangerous currents, to making it to your campsite in good time.

Give it a try!

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