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Whitewater Rafting In Canada: The River Rats’ Guide

Whitewater rafting in Canada is an epic way to get out in nature and feel a rush.   Canada has a wide variety of rivers to whitewater raft on, with all sorts of different rides.  Choose between a scenic float, or a white knuckled ride down a rushing gorge, or even somewhere to get silly and end up in the water with your friends. 

The main river rafting areas in Canada are found in British Columbia, the Rockies, Ottawa River and some parts of Quebec, but you can even find rafting companies in Nova Scotia on the tidal bores! 

Going whitewater rafting in Canada is a ton of fun, and you can relax knowing that the Canadian rafting companies run a high quality operation, ensuring your safety.  

With the range of climates and landscapes across Canada, you may be rafting on glacial rivers in wetsuits, or you could be rafting down warm rivers on the Ottawa, or Vancouver Island.  Each river also has several faces for you to get to know, as the seasons change and river levels fluctuate.  

Use our Guide to River rafting in Canada to find the best rafting operators in the country, and check back in for deals! 

Best Places For Whitewater Rafting In Canada

The Best Whitewater Rafting Companies In Canada

Kumsheen Rafting Resort

Kumsheen Rafting Resort

Raft, Relax, Recharge with Kumsheen Rafting Resort. Located 3 hours from Vancouver, this is the perfect oasis to go camping, rafting and have a ton of fun with expert guides!

Explore Canada Whitewater Rafting By Region

Whitewater rafting in BC, Canada.

British Columbia

British Columbia is the ultimate source of whitewater adventure, with a huge variety of rivers rushing through the endless mountain terrain.  Raft on the coast, in the desert or deep in the mountains for some of the best rafting in Canada.

Whitewater rafting in Canada.


Ontario is home to the Ottawa River, a whitewater enthusiast’s mecca for big waves and thrilling rides.  A handful of rafting companies offer the ride of your life on some of these epic rapids. 

Whitewater Rafting In BC- FAQ

When is the best time of year to go rafting in Canada?

Whitewater rafting in Canada is best when the rivers are flowing at their peak, and for a couple months after that.  Typically peak flows are in mid May to mid June, depending on where you are and the timing of the spring melt. 

River rafting in Canada is also best done in warm summer weather, so anytime from the end of May until the end of August is ideal. 

What should I bring on a Canada rafting trip?

The short answer is less is more!  You won’t need much, and you won’t be able to fidget with accessories while you are paddling.

These are the most recommended thigns to bring rafting with you:

  • Appropriate layers- anything from boardshorts on a hot summer day, to fleece layers for a colder day
  • Sunglasses & a strap for them
  • Any important medication you might need
  • A waterproof camera that can strap to you
  • That’s it!

The river rafting companies in Canada will be able to outfit you with a wet suit, splash top, water shoes and a helmet & lifejacket.  You won’t need anything else.

Is Whitewater Rafting In Canada Family Friendly?

Yes, rafting is a very family friendly activity in Canada.  You can go and join a raft with other people, or you can usually book a private raft for your family as well.

Rafting resorts in Canada generally are able to take kids over 80 pounds and over the age of 10 or 12.  Make sure you check in with each rafting company in Canada to double check the minimum age and size.

Are Canada Rafting Companies Safe?

Yes!  The standard of training in Canada is very high and the raft guides are very well qualified.  The rafting companies in Canada have sextensive safety plans and protocols to keep you very safe.

Don’t worry about the raft flipping, or you falling out of it.  While these are both possible, it’s very uncommon for people to fall out and rafts very rarely flip.  Whitewater rafting in Canada is very safe and very fun!

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