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Squamish: An Adventure Guide

The Ultimate Squamish Travel Guide

Squamish claims to be the adventure capital of Canada, and it just might be foolish to try and take that title from them!  If you live in a van, climb, backcountry ski, paddle, do windsports, or just love exploring some endless backroads, this is probably where you should be parking your rig. 

Use this Squamish travel guide to get dialed in on the best things to do around Squamish, all in one place.  Sure Shannon Falls are pretty cool and the gondola is a must-do experience, but there is so much more here to discover.  Distant alpine lakes, rushing waterfalls and an expansive wilderness lies just beyond the town boundary for you to discover! 

Some of the best things to do in Squamish are right on the edge of town.  You can’t help but notice the towering walls of the Chief, reaching far above town for some of the best views of Howe Sound and the peaks of the Tantalus Range.  

Squamish is the perfect place to plan a day trip from Vancouver, but it has far more to offer than that!  If you’re looking for an epic BC wilderness holiday Squamish is waiting for you! 

Top Attractions In Squamish

Things To Do In Squamish

Squamish Travel Tips

Getting To/ From Squamish

Getting to Squamish is super easy with daily shuttles from Vancouver and it’s close proximity to Vancouver Airport.

Driving To Squamish:

Squamish is an easy drive from Vancouver.  Roughly 45 minutes up the scenic Sea to Sky Highway and you’re there.  The highway can get a bit messy when it’s snowing, so plan ahead.

Getting To Squamish By Plane:

You  can fly into Vancouver and hop on one of the many shuttles that run from Vancouver Airport to Whistler and stop in Squamish.  

Getting To Squamish By Bus:

Squamish is easy to get to by bus, with many options stopping in Squamish on the way from Vancouver and airport to Whistler. 

Squamish Connector runs a service between North Vancouver and Squamish. 

Where To Go Hiking In Squamish

Squamish Top Hiking Trails- Easy Walks & Small Hikes

Brohm Lake Trail

2 Hours
4.5 km Return
230 m elevation

Crater rim trail is the perfect place to explore some of Whistler’s sub-alpine forest, surrounding Loggers Lake.  The lake is in the bowl of an extinct volcano making for some cool geology on this hike in Whistler.

Crater Rim Trail is a few minutes south of Whistler and can easily be done in half a day, with time to stop for a swim in the lake.

Murin Lookout Trail

2 Hours
5 km Return
175 m Elevation 

Whistler’s Ancient Cedars Trail is an amazing and easy way to immerse yourself in some pristine old growth forest, without having to bomb around the backcountry too far.  The trail is a short drive from the core of Whistler and makes for a relatively flat and easy hike.

The ancient cedars trail is a cool place to hike on a hot day!

Cheakamus Lake Trail

5 Hours
16 km Return
No Elevation 

Hiking in the Cheakamus Valley is filled with several cool finds, including a suspension bridge over a rushing river.  Further up the valley is the Cheakamus lake trail, which winds through a shady old growth forest 8 km back to the beautiful Cheakamus Lake.  The trail pops out at the lake roughly halfway and you could stop there, but it is far more rewarding to go the full way and see the lake from the middle.  

Cheakamus Lake is a perfect place for a refreshing dip in the middle of your hike in Whistler.  

Best Hiking Trails in Squamish- Big Day Hikes

Elfin Lakes Hike

5 Hours
18 km Return
820 m Elevation

Garibaldi Lake is one of the most beautiful alpine lake in the coast mountains and you haev the opportunity to hike to it.  The trailhead is at Rubble Creek, just over half an hour south of Whistler and the trail is long, but gentle, switchbacking up the side of a mountain.

It’s a long day, but the views of the lake and option to continue on to Black Tusk for an even bigger day makes it all worthwhile.

The Chief

7 Hours
12 km Return
1160 m Elevation

Wedgemont Hike is a burly but worthwhile hike in Whistler.  There is a lot of elevation gain in not a ton of distance, which means it is consitently steep, with a relatively rough trail.

Wedgemont Lake is absolutely gorgeous and the juice is definitely worth the squeeze.  The photos you get will make up for the massage therapy you’ll need after your descent.

Al's Habrich Trail

Time:  Depends on you (3.5 Hours Roughly- Lift Ticket For Return)
3 km One-way
1150 m Elevation

The Blackcomb Asscent Trail is a punishing way to get to the alpine of Blackcomb Mountain.  You’ll need a lift ticket to come back down, which you need to buy before heading up.

You can hike this right to the top of Blackcomb and enter Blackcomb Meadows from here as well.

If you prefer to skip to Blackcomb Meadows, you can take the lift up as well!

Watersprite Lake

Time:  3 Hours
10 km One-way
370 m Elevation

Joffre Lakes is one of the most popular day hikes in BC and for good reason.  You’ve almost certainly come across photos of people standing on the fallen tree, surrounded by emerald green water as they strike their wistful gaze or standing tree yoga pose.

Joffre Lakes is kind of like Disney Land for people who love alpine lakes.  There isn’t just one lake, but three!  You start at one, slog your way to the second one, and the third is soon after.  From the third lake you can lay eyes on a nearby glacier and you’re welcome to hop in for a dip.

Don’t forget to pop in to Pemberton on your way back for a frosty mug of craft beer!

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