Canadian Rockies

Canadian Rockies Travel Guide

Exploring The Rocky Mountains Of Canada

Our Canadian Rockies travel guide brings you the absolute best experiences and attractions in the most iconic mountain range in Canada.  

Whether you’re into scenery, photography and wildlife or a more hardcore adventure like climbing, skiing or mountaineering, the Canadian Rockies are, hands down, the ultimate playground for nature lovers.  Stretching from Banff, Lake Louise and all the way up to Jasper, the Rockies encompass several essential towns to visit in Canada, like Jasper, Golden, Banff and Canmore.  

While the Canadian Rockies are known largely for Lake Louise and the town of Banff, we bring you the ultimate travel and trip planning guide to the entirety of the Canadian Rockies.  

Use our travel guide to the Canadian Rockies to plan your trip, discover attractions and adventures, as well as find deals and connect with the best tour companies and outfitters in the Rocky Mountains.  

Putting this travel guide together for you is a ton of fun, with adventure around every corner in the Rockies.  Here are our favourite things to do and places to see in Banff and beyond! 

Top Activities In The Canadian Rockies

Top Attractions & Parks In The Rockies

Here are some of the best attractions and parks in the Rockies.  If you are looking for things to do in the Canadian Rockies, this is a great place to start!  

The Best Places To Visit In The Rockies

Some of the best towns and destinations in Canada’s Rocky Mountain region in British Columbia and Alberta.  These are the must see towns on your trip to the Rockies.

Local Adventure Experts In The Rockies

Search our network of expert local adventure and travel operators in the Rockies.  These are some of the best adventure outfitters and guides in the Rocky Mountains.

Fresh Adventures

Fresh Adventures

Explore Canada's wildest place with expert local guides at Fresh Adventures. Offering hotel based hiking tours and backpacking trips on the West Coast, Rockies and Yukon!
Winston Lodge

Winston Lodge

Stay at Kicking Horse's luxury alpine lodge and be steps away from the action with this ski in/ ski out accommodation. Fireplace, hot tub, and mountain chic are just some of the perks at this beautiful lodge in Golden, BC.

Current Travel Deals & Special Offers In The Rockies

Search for Canadian Rockies travel deals and special offers on tours and accommodations in the Rocky Mountains.  

Canadian Bucketlist & Top Travel Experiences In The Rockies

Go Camping In The Rockies

Go Camping In The Rockies

Explore the Rockies like never before on this once in a lifetime guided camping trip. Expert guides make camping easy and painless as you discover the ultimate mountain gems in Canada.

Canadian Rockies Travel Guide

Getting To/ From The Rockies

Driving in the Canadian Rockies Region:

The Rockies are easily accessible by road from East or West.  Banff is the entry point of the Rockies from the East side and Calgary, while Golden is the entry point of the Rockies from the West side, both on Trans-Canada highway 1.  Further North, you can access the Rockies from Edmonton or from the West to access Jasper on Trans-Canada highway 16.  

The Icefields Parkway is the connector between Banff and Jasper.  The Icefields Parkway is controlled by Parks Canada and use is limited to park vistors and no commercial trucking allowed.  

Be prepared for winter driving conditions from October through the end of May.  

Flying To The Rockies:

The best way to access the Rockies by air is from Calgary.  Flying into YYC is relatively easy from most international destinations and the shuttle time to Banff is less than two hours.  

You can also access the Rockies by flying into Edmonton, though shuttle times are substantially longer and times are much more limited.  We would recommend using Calgary Airport to access the Rockies. 

Getting Around The Rockies Region By Bus:

The Rockies are easily accessible by airport shuttle from Banff Airporter.  

Rider Express offers a daily bus service from Calgary to Vancouver and vice versa, which connects Canmore, Banff, Lake Louise and Golden.  

Brewster offers shuttle service from Lake Louise to Calgary Airport and from Calgary Airport to Jasper, via Banff and Lake Louise. 

Parks Canada offers a shuttle connection from an overflow parking lot and Banff to get to Moraine Lake and Lake Louise, which help avoid the hassle of finding parking.  

Canadian Rockies Travel Information- FAQ

When Is The Best Time To Visit The Rockies For Weather?

The Rockies are an amazing destination year round, though there are some times of year that are more pleasant and easier to travel in than others.

We would suggest planning your trip between the beginning of June to the end of September for the best summer weather.  That being said, it can snow here any day of the year, so make sure you plan appropriately.

Winter is at its peak from mid-December to the end of March.  This is the best time to go skiing and enjoy activities like xc skiing and snowshoeing.

When Is The Best Time To Visit The Rockies For Crowds?

June and September are the best summer months to dodge crowds in the Rockies.  As soon as summer holidays are over, most of the crowds disappear as people work more and have less desire to be outside. 

April is a surprisingly good month to ski and definitely a less crowded time to be on the slopes.  

When Is The Best Time To Visit The Rockies For Wildlife?

Elk are along the riverbanks with their calves in the early summer months.  During September the male elk can be seen as they begin rutting season, but should be avoided as they can be aggressive and dangerous. 

Bears are often seen on open alpine slopes during late August and September as they feast on berries and prepare to hibernate. 

End of summer always seems to be a really good time for wildlife.  

What Are Some Key Items To Pack?

A bathing suit is very helpful to soak in hot tubs and go to the hot springs. 

A rain jacket is a must have to avoid being caught in a burst of rain during a hike. 

Having warm layers is always helpful. 

Sturdy hiking shoes or boots is an essential while hiking in the Rockies. 

Binoculars are a fun item to bring to search for distant wildlife on the mountain ridges.  

A camera to capture those world class views! 

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